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Q: From where do Equip Afrique, source and ship my equipment?

We source all our equipment from Europe, mainly from the United Kingdom & Republic of Ireland. We ship from various ports including but not limited to Port of Cork (IRE), Dublin (IRE), Belfast (IRE), Felixstowe (UK), Southampton (UK), Immingham (UK) and Liverpool (UK).

Q: What work is performed to my equipment before shipping?

We know how much you value quality; therefore, we source high-quality machinery from the get-go. Also, when your equipment arrives at our workshops, we carry out an extensive 360 Equip checks. These checks include carefully inspecting the engine, transmission, brakes, steering, electrical and the hydraulic system.

Q: How long does it take to dispatch (from Equip warehouse) my equipment after making the payment?

If the equipment you are ordering is currently in stock, we aim to dispatch within seven working days. If we have to source your desired equipment first, we aim to dispatch within fourteen working days.

Q: How can I be sure that my money is safe and that the equipment that I have ordered will be dispatched after I have made payment?

We understand that carrying out international purchases can be risky and scary.
To reassure you, we have:

1. Drafted a legally binding purchase agreement that protects you. 
2. Partnered with trusted payment providers such as PayPal and World FIRST. These partners offer buyer's protection schemes, which gives you comprehensive protection if there is a problem with your purchase. 

Also, note that one of our core values is integrity; this means we are uncompromising in the way we do business. We will not tarnish our reputation by not delivering and letting you down.

We are a registered company in England & Wales (Company no: 11659693). Please feel free to check our company registration by visiting the Companies House website here. 

Q: How much does shipping cost?

The shipping cost is dependent on many variables. These include the final destination, the size of the equipment, the required shipping mode (20ft container, 40ft container, open container, RORO (roll-on & roll-off) and Air).

Q: How long does it take to ship my equipment? 

Shipment time varies based on where we are shipping too. However, we always aim to have your equipment delivered within 7-9 weeks after receiving the signed purchase agreement & initial payment/deposit.

Q: Will my equipment be insured?                                                                     

We will not agree to ship anything without appropriate insurance cover. Therefore through our insurance provider, we will arrange insurance cover for your equipment. We will provide a copy of the insurance certificate before dispatch.

Q: What documents will I need to ship my machinery?

All we require from you is your name, shipping address and tax clearance certificate (if you are a registered farmer or company).

We will handle all the other documents. These include the Commercial Invoice, Bill of lading/Airway Bill (depending on the mode of transport used), Insurance Certificate and export declaration.

Q: How is my equipment shipped?

How we ship your equipment always depends on the size of your machinery. We either secure your machinery in an appropriate container or RORO (roll-on & roll-off) the equipment into a ship's Under Deck.

Q: Do I have to organise transport once the machinery gets to the port? 

We offer a door to door delivery service (depending on the destination country). However, we understand that some of our customers prefer to collect directly from the destination port. In such cases, we arrange delivery of your machinery to your selected port.  

Q: What taxes will I have to pay?

You will be required to pay any associated import Duty or Taxes (if applicable).