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Passion and Dedication have led us here.

Who are we?

Equip Afrique is Africa’s equipment ‘one-stop-shop’. We specialise in the manufacturing, sourcing and importing of quality agriculture equipment from Europe. From as little as machinery spare parts to an entire fleet, we have you covered.

Our Story

The passion for Africa drove a group of engineers and farmers to start Equip Afrique in 2017. We wanted to support the sustainable development of Africa through the leveraging of our skills, knowledge and emerging technologies. Our initial plan was to provide top quality used tractors to Africa and help equip the continent’s agriculture sector.

Our Story, continued

By 2018, our vision grew beyond the initial idea because of an increased understanding of the challenges faced by Africa. We realised our vision had to be bolder to tackle and overcome these challenges.

Since the birth of Equip Afrique, we live and breathe our core values: Integrity, Simplicity, Innovation, and Commitment. We work hard each day to ensure these values reflect on the products and services we offer.

To this day, we remain focused on becoming a world-class business driven by our values. We are not just “another equipment company”, and our story has just begun.

Meet the team

Our Mission

Is to build a world class business that provides the necessary equipment, technologies and services to ensure the sustainable development of Africa.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to equip Africa’s key sectors for a brighter future.


As a company, we seek to add value to our customers, employees, investors, partners, suppliers and the community.

That is why we have partnered with charities such as Spine Health Africa. Spine Health Africa is a non-profit organisation providing free health care to underprivileged communities across Africa.

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Our Values

Commitment.   Innovation.   Simplicity.    Integrity.

Why us?

We are uncompromising in the way we do business. We only distribute equipment that has gone through extensive quality checks, ensuring high product integrity.

We aim to provide simple solutions to meet your needs. By doing so, we take away the hassle and allow you to focus on the important stuff.

Equip Afrique is continuously striving to implement emerging technologies which will enable us to provide better solutions and improve our customer’s experience.

We are passionate about our customers; therefore, we always strive to create a positive experience at the point of sale and after. We are committed to your success.

We are continuously improving our processes to ensure that we genuinely provide value-adding products and services. Therefore, improving lead times and reducing unnecessary cost.